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Province Tvet Co-ordinators

                       Fr. Michael Mbandama
                           ZMB Province

                            Fr. Sunil Orathel
                             AFE-SU Province

                          Fr.Carlos Kabumba
                             ACC Province

                           Br. Benedict Njagi
                              AFE Province

                         Fr. Jose Angel Rajoi
                            Moz Province

                           Br. Ngigi Njuguna
                               AGL province

                         Fr. James Ekanem
                         AFW-NIG Province
                              Fr. Denis Soro
                              AFO Province
                        Br. Endalkachew Bayu
                              AET Province
                       Fr. Erninio De Santis
                           MDG Province
                         Fr. Maximo Herrera
                             ANG Province
                      Fr. Sean Mc Ewen
                          AFM Province
                          Fr. Ilunga Everiste
                             AFC Province
                      Br. David Beyeme Zue Metoule
                                    ATE Province
                     Fr. Mark Anthony Okpalire 
                                AFW province   



Call Us +254 736 675856

Don Bosco Tech Africa
Upper Hill Rd 16,
P.O. Box 62322 00200
Nairobi, Kenya

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About Us

Don Bosco Tech Africa is the coordinating body for all the Don Bosco Technical
Schools in Africa and Madagascar.
We coordinate about 100 TVET centers spread over 35 countries in Africa and
We aim to empower our TVET centers so that they can deliver demand driven and
quality training to the marginalised young people who frequent our centers

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